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Exhibition Scope
一、Smart Displays & Showcases
Commercial interior design, showcase and POP display: store design and decoration, clothing display, display window design, brand image design, marketing & promotion technology, event planning, booth design and decoration, product displays, retail fixtures, commercial showcases, display racks, POP displays, digital signage, interactive displays, digitized stores solutions, and etc.
二、Store Shelving & Warehousing Equipment
Supermarkets & Logistics Equipment: shopping carts, shopping baskets, shelves, racks, product displays & showcases, storage equipment, freezers, refrigerators, refrigerating equipment, cash registers, etc.;
Commercial warehousing equipment, logistics solutions, refrigerated food storage and transportation equipment, display equipment, commercial refrigerators for supermarkets, commercial kitchen equipment, cold chain solutions, bakery equipment, food display cases, commercial floor cleaning equipment, commercial cleaning supplies.
三、Security Equipment
Commercial security system, anti-theft system, electronic shelf label, anti-counterfeiting technology, loss prevention solutions, CCTV, bar code reading equipment, access control, monitoring and alarm system, customer guidance systems, etc.
四、Retail Equipment for Supermarkets
Cash Registering Equipment & Related Products: POS machines, scanning equipment, automatic identification equipment and technologies, receipts printers, cash register displays, electronic cash registers, etc .;
Informationized Retail Technology: EDS, electronic transfer system (EFS), shopping mall management information system (MIS), POS system, multimedia shopping guide system, electronic scheduling system, etc.;
Others: luggage lockers, price tags, supermarket supplies, etc.
五、Commercial Design Related: commercial lighting, store lighting equipment, display and showcase lighting, display windows, advertising equipment, POP, etc.;
六、Commercial Design Pavilion: store design, store decorations, retail fixtures &  accessories, lighting equipment, decorations, POP displays, A3 exhibition halls;
七、Cold Chain: refrigerated containers, refrigerated trucks, freezing devices, ice makers, commercial kitchens, warehousing solutions, and etc..